Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lesson Plan on WH-Questions

Form: 2                                                                                         
Level: Upper Intermediate                                                                         
Theme: People
Topic: Grammar- WH-Questions
Objective: To teach students on the purpose of WH-questions and their usage in sentences.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
  1. Identify and classify the different WH-questions by finding the correct match. (answer)
  2. Construct correct sentences using the WH-questions.
Moral Values: 
  1. Cooperation
  2. Sharing ideas and thoughts
Educational Emphasis:
  1. Critical thinking skills
  2. Learning how to learn skills
Teaching Aids: sticky notes

Language Content:
1. Language for Informational Use
2. Language for Interpersonal Use

Teaching Procedure:

Instructional Activity
Set Induction
1.      Teacher greets students.
2.      Teacher informs the class that they will be learning about WH-questions.
3.      Teacher asks the students whether they have heard about it before.
4.      Teacher asks the students to say the WH-questions out loud.
Activity 1
1.      Teacher lists down the WH-questions.
2.      Teacher discusses with students on what the WH-questions indicate.
3.      Teacher makes sure the students understand the purposes of the WH-questions.

Activity 2
1.      Teacher informs the students that they will be doing an activity which requires them to move about.
2.      Teacher explains about the activity to the students.

There are 11 questions involving the usage of WH and 11 answers to the questions. The teacher will randomly give out the questions and answers, which are written on sticky notes to the students. What they have to do is find their partner to form a pair and complete the question and answer set.

3.      Teacher starts the game.
4.      Teacher monitors students’ progress and stops the game once everyone has found their partner.
5.      Teacher instructs the students to read out their question and answer set one by one.
6.      Teacher corrects any mistakes.

Activity 3
1.      Teacher now instructs every pair to write sentences based on the WH-questions in their grammar book.
2.      Teacher allocates time for them to discuss and write.
3.      Teacher asks a pair to present their sentences (questions)
4.      Teacher corrects any mistakes.
1.      Teacher asks the students what do they think of the lesson and what have they learned.
2.      Teacher recaps and concludes the lesson.

1.       What time did you come home last night?
2.       When do you do your homework?
3.       What is that?
4.       How did you feel after the accident?
5.       Who came to the party alone?
6.       Which one do you like?
7.       Why are you smiling?
8.       Where is your house?
9.       Who has my bag?
10.   What are you doing?
11.   When is Miss Nashrah leaving?

1.       I came home at 11 p.m.
2.       I do my homework at night.
3.       That is an English book.
4.       I felt traumatized.
5.       Zafirah came to the party alone.
6.       I like the red blouse better than the blue one.
7.       Because I am happy to see you.
8.       Where is your house?
9.       Hafidzin has your bag.
10.   I am participating in Miss Nashrah’s activity.
11.   She is leaving this Friday.

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