Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lesson Plan on Quantifiers: "Some" and "Any"

Form: 2                                                                                         
Level: Upper Intermediate                                                                         
Theme: People and Social Issues
Topic: Chapter 10-Wise Choices (Grammar)
Objective: To teach students on the usage of the quantifiers “some” and “any”.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
- Differentiate between the usage of “some” and “any” through understanding notes and a game of making sentences.
- Use the determiners “some” and “any” correctly and appropriately in sentences and daily conversation.

Moral Values: Cooperation

Educational Emphasis:
  1. Critical thinking skills
  2. preparation for the real world
Teaching Aids: mahjung papers, box.

Language Content:
1. Language for Informational Use
2. Language for Interpersonal Use

Previous Knowledge: The teacher has introduced the subject of quantifiers to the students.

Instructional Activity
Set Induction

  1. Teacher greets students.
  2. Teacher informs students they are going to continue their lesson quantifiers.

Activity 1:

  1. Teacher pastes a mahjung paper displaying the quantifiers “some” and “any”, their differences and usage in sentences.
  2. Teacher explains and elaborates on the notes.
  3. Teacher asks students whether they understand, and asks them questions to test their understanding.
  4. Teacher makes sure the students really understand the notes before moving on to the next activity.
Activity 2:

  1. Teacher instructs students to change their positions and form a circle.
  2. Teacher informs the class that they will play a simple game of “poisonous box” on the quantifiers.
  3. Teacher pastes the questions of the game on the board, which are in the form of a board game, drawn on mahjung paper.
  4. Teacher gives one student the “poisonous box” to be passed around when the game starts.
  5. Teacher plays the music and students start to pass the box around.
  6. Teacher stops randomly and the student who holds the box must take a strip of paper from the box and follow the instructions written on it.
  7. This action will continue until they finish answering all the questions on the board game.
  8. Teacher instructs students to go back to their previous sitting positions.


  1. Teacher distributes worksheets on quantifiers as homework.
  2. Teacher asks students what have they learned and recaps the lesson.

Notes: Quantifiers- “Some” and “Any”


-          Used in positive sentences
-          Both for countable and uncountable nouns
-          “A certain number of”/ “a certain amount of” but the exact quantity is unknown.
-          E.g:
1.      I have some friends.
2.      There is some cake left in the fridge.
-          Exception:
o   We use “some” in questions when offering/requesting something that is there.
o   Offering: Would you like some bread?
o   Request: Could I have some water?

-          Used in negative sentences or questions.
-          Both for countable and uncountable nouns.
-          A small/large amount of something which may/may not be there.
-          A sentence using “any” is GRAMATICALLY POSITIVE but the meaning is NEGATIVE.
-          E.g:
1.      Do you have any cheese?
2.      She doesn’t have any friends in school.

*The difference between the usage of "some" and "any" is so subtle, I sometimes miss it too! So it is important that you know what they are used for. You have to practice to really nail it, so here is a little game to test your understanding!

Click on this link below to play the "board game" that I've created on "some" and "any" !

Now that you know and have formed sentences on the quantifiers, try answering these questions! 

Please fill in the blanks with the quantifiers “some” or “any”.

1.      I can see a house, a lake and _________________ trees.
2.      I like ______________ songs by Lady Gaga but not all of them.
3.      Elina can’t find ___________ books on dinosaurs.
4.      Have you got ____________ interesting games in your computer?
5.      There are ______________ delicious macaroons in the fridge.
6.      Would you like ___________ butter?
7.      Mary-Ann has one bird, two cats and ___________ fishes.
8.      Are there ____________ messages for me?
9.      Sookie has not got _____________ friends yet in school.
10.  I have ____________ pens in my bag.
11.  My father has bought _____________ fruits to be eaten before dinner.
12.  Laila does not have _____________ patience.
13.  Is there _____________  juice in the fridge?
14.  I’m afraid I don’t have _______________ answers to all of your problems.
15.  Luqman has _____________ great ideas.
16.  Would you like ______________ breakfast?
17.  Please buy me _____________ pills for my headache.
18.  Is there ____________ student who likes to sing in this class?
19.  I could really use ____________ rest right now after working for 8 hours.
20.  Is there ____________ food for the cat to eat?


m cinkaya said...

You wrote the sentence with "any" is grammatically positive. How is "She doesn't have any friends in school." positive? It's definitely negative.

Dimple said...

I wanted to try out your game in my class but the link seems to be deleted?