Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am singing along and swaying from side to side watching this video! Cute and informative indeed. Click play!

Okay, basically adjectives are words to describe nouns (person, animal, things or places). For example;

friendly girl
ugly bear
beautiful mosque

However, there are various kinds of adjectives.

1. An adjective which tells us about the quality of the noun.
For example: the blue sky, a big house, a square table, a cold morning.
2. An adjective which tells us about the quantity of the noun.
For example: 
The zoo has many animals.
The pen has not much ink left.
3. An adjective which tells us about the ownership of the noun.
For example: 
That is my dog.
Those are their bicycles.
4. An adjective which poses question in an ‘interrogative’ manner.
For example: 
Which school do you go to?
Whose car is this?
5. An adjective which specifies a noun.
For example: 
This boy is a member of the club.
That girl is my sister.
¨ Adjectives which end in ‘-ing’, e.g. an interesting film, an amazing player, anannoying habit,
¨ Adjectives which end in ‘-ed, e.g. the damaged goods, the escaped prisoners, improved version.

Now, how about for some exercises?
Click here, here and here in order to know whether you've got it down pat! ;)

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